Dermalogica approved

Professional Facial treatments in stockport

Dermalogica is the number one choice of skincare professionals worldwide. Hair & Beauty Lounge Stockport are a Dermalogica approved skin centre. Face mapping skin analysis allows each client to receive a prescriptive treatment every visit.

Our beauty therapists will analyse your skin providing a zone by zone analysis of the face, neck and chest to diagnose your skin condition and prescribe the products that will achieve the best results. You will be given a prescription sheet that offers advice on homecare or can be used when personalising future treatments.



Dermalogica Express Treatment

Short of time? Why not go for a Dermalogica express treatment. Targeted treatments in a flash ideal for in-between treatments to treat a specific area.

Single Treatment (30 mins) £20.00

Dermalogica Prescription Facial

A result driven, relaxing experience. This customised facial takes into account each client’s individual concerns and needs. Through Face Mapping Skin Analysis your skin therapist will put together a bespoke treatment of cleansing, effective exfoliation, massage techniques and targeted treatments to ensure you leave feeling great about your skin, educated and equipped to look after your skin in the best way.

Single Treatment (1 hr 15 mins) £40.00

Dermalogica Age Smart Facial

This is the perfect treatment for clients of all ages, specifically created to control the bio chemical triggers that lead to skin ageing while treating the signs of premature ageing, photo-ageing and sun damaged skin. This includes a double mask leaving your skin hydrated, firm, smooth, nourished and regenerated giving your skin a combined cocktail of vitamins to leave your skin glowing.

Single Treatment (1 hr 15 mins) £40.00



Chocobeauty Swiss Chocolate Facial

Did you know that chocolate’s rich biochemical composition gives it a high mineral and vitamin content? So while you relax and luxuriate in the aroma of chocolate your skin is nourished. In addition to this, the heavenly fragrance of chocolate stimulates the release of endorphins – your happy hormones – enhancing your well-being with a fantastic feel-good factor.

Luxury Vitamin C & Collagen Eye Treatment

A revitalising treatment which reduces dark circles, puffiness and fine lines, an instant lift is achieved with one treatment.

Single Treatment £22.50

Course of 6 £122.50

Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion

A non-invasive method of rejuvenation by means of mechanical exfoliation without the use of crystals, chemicals or laser. By gently working away tired and aged surface skin layers you are enabling new skin cell regeneration which can dramatically improve surface skin texture and appearance. Treatment of fine lines, sun damaged skin, acne prone skin, blackheads, white-heads, superficial age spots and hyper-pigmentation, oily, dry or patchy skin.

Single Treatment (30 mins) £24.50

Course of 6 £122.50

Microdermabrasion & Dermalogica Facial

Single Treatment (60 mins) £35.00

Course of 6 £175.00

Dermafusion Therapy Facial

The unique gentle micro pulses of dermafusion facial treatment will ensure that your skin realises its maximum potential. It will successfully achieve twice the penetration of the selected mask or ampoule ingredients. This facial can be directed to treat a magnitude of needs. Dermafusion intensive mask therapy and dermalift includes an AHA peel, intensive ampoule and concentrated mask of collagen, herbal, skin lightening or repair complex.

Single Treatment £40.00

Course of 6 £215.00

Dermalift Non-Surgical Facelift

The Dermalift treatment excels in dealing with the signs of ageing, such as facial lines and wrinkles. It has the ability to reduce those tell-tale signs and bring back the natural glow and elasticity that is associated with youthful skin. Suitable for all skin types.

Single Treatment £27.50

Course of 10 £247.50

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Just a quick note to thank the lovely member of your team who pierced my daughters ears... The lady really was quite lovely. I thought I'd let you know what a great girl you have there!!

Thanks, Paula